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Personal Story


wing at the beachGrowing Up

Born in Hong Kong, I arrived in Vancouver at the age of 2, and Vancouver has been my home ever since. As a child, I was intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic.  I was very creative and artistic, and loved to draw, paint, sing, and dance.

My Journey

As an adult I had sporadic chronic stomach pain for about 12 years.  I interpreted it as ‘sporadic’ as I experienced different levels of pain throughout this time.  I had excruciating pain, and could not walk or stand, and sometimes lying down would not alleviate it.  There were days when I would be totally fine; other days there would be mild pain, but it was manageable.  I learned to cope with the pain and believed this was normal for me.

When I finally had the courage to seek help and find out what was wrong with me, I started on my journey.  I saw many different medical professionals – doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths.  I had many different tests done, from allergies, to muscle testing, to X-Rays, blood tests, and more.  There was never an actual diagnosis for my pain.  I thought to myself maybe I am making this up, and I felt as if I was going “crazy”.

Today I am no longer have sporadic stomach pain. I have learned to heal myself in body, mind and spirit, thanks to figuring out how to heal myself through a combination of physical exercise, nutrition and inner awareness. It was definitely not an easy path, but I am grateful to have the experience and found my way back. Today, I am practicing living a healthy lifestyle and continue my spiritual journey.

Poem: “The Circle of Life”

I wrote a poem, The Circle of Life, that I have entitled the artwork (below right), and which I’ve chosen as my logo.

ONCE upon a time, there was a baby born,

full of wonder, love life and purpose,

to bring to this world.


ONCE upon a time, the baby was a child,

playing, painting, singing, dancing

happy and carefree.


ONCE upon a time, that child was a teenager,

something was missing, lost, an emptiness,

the spirit is fading, its light dimming.


ONCE upon a time, that teenager was an adult,

beginning to awaken from the darkness,

the sadness of the soul.


ONCE upon a time, that adult regains faith, hope

trust, and dreams again, transforming and

finding a way back to its childhood.


ONCE upon a time…


The logo of my company name was originally an artwork that I painted many years ago.