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1 March 2015


 March 1, 2015
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Push Through for Fears to Learn and Grow for Ultimate Happiness

By Wing Piderman


There are many types of fears we face on a regular basis throughout our lives.  Fear of Failure is one of the common and high on the list.  Some others are Fears of the Unknown, Death, Loneliness, Change, Loss of Freedom, Being Judged, Getting Hurt, Being Not Good Enough, Success, Public Speaking to name a few.  Fear of Failure is one of the common and high on the list.


The meaning and level of success is different for everyone.  The common thread is that we do want to be successful to achieve certain goals. We put pressure on ourselves and added pressure by other people.  We compare ourselves to other peoples’ successes instead of  being on our own path of success.  If we do not meet our expectations in anything we do, we are discouraged and disappointed.  The discouragement and disappointment comes from fear of failure.  We then procrastinate become unhappy and stressed.


I believe you have to be a little uncomfortable to be comfortable.  When we go out of our comfort zone and experience new and different opportunities there is a sense of accomplishment at the end.  There is no sense of accomplishment if you are comfortable and not enjoying what you are currently doing in life.  In other words, we stay comfortable, procrastinate and do not take risks.  On the other side of failure is success.


A question you can ask yourself is why are you afraid of failure?  The answer could be that we are afraid to be criticized by others, being not good enough, or smart enough.  If we have fears and admit to them, are we weak mentally and emotionally?  Do we then pretend we don’t have fears?  We go through stages maybe we experience fears, overcome them and then fear comes back again, or we experience a fear, overcome it and experience another different type of fear.  We need to believe in ourselves, face our fears by pushing through it.  We are all unique and have to focus on ourselves not everyone else.  We need to take action and concentrate on progress, one step at a time.


I believe when we talk about our failures we open up the discussion to help people, share ideas and ultimately grown, learn and be successful.


Fears of any kind can impact our energy.  We feel tired, our energy is depleted and anxiety and stress is a result of any type of fear.  A constant fear of any kind impacts our physical health.  Fear is a lower vibration and attracts more of the same kind.  If we are in a state of happiness we are at a higher vibration and attract the same.  The saying `like attracts like` is so true.


I remember as a child that I had a fear of swimming in a pool.  It was part of my physical education in elementary school to participate in swimming lessons.  I especially did not enjoy swimming in the deep end.   I was not comfortable when I cannot touch the bottom of the swimming pool.  I was terrified.  I honestly do not remember if I ever did finish the lessons.   When I was an adult I was on holidays in Mexico.  I was on a boat and we had about 1 hour where we can jump into the water by a rope and swim in the ocean.  I was the only one that did not go in the water.  I felt everyone was looking at me and wondering if there was something wrong with me.   I finally gathered the courage to go in the water.  I cannot remember how long I was watching everyone.  How I got in was climbing down on a ladder on the side of the boat.  I did not jump in.  I think I was in the water about 15 minutes and it was time for all of us to go back on to the boat.  When I got back on, I told a few people that I was afraid of the water; they were then sympathetic and were so happy for me to have the courage to go in.  I was so happy and very proud of myself.  It was a great accomplishment for me.


We need to manage our fears by breaking it down in small steps.


First step is realizing fear is in everybody.  Everyone has fear and the awareness that fear does not have to control and consume you.  You have a choice to face your fears or not.


S – Share, meet and talk to successful people; being around people can uplift and provide you with positive energy

O – Open Mind, Have an open mind, there are infinite possibilities

U – Unwind, Take Care of Yourself, Meditate

L – Learn and Take Action; one step at a time, get a Mentor, a Coach


We all deserve a life of happiness, peace, harmony, success and prosperity.  It is up to you to change your life into a bigger, fulfilling and meaningful life.



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